Cobalt - Biography




Colorado's Cobalt formed in 2002 when Phil Mcsorley and Erik Wunder decided to begin working on new music after the demise of their previous musical efforts. The two wanted something with more substance and aggression than their previous experiences. Songs came together quickly, as both members shared a similar musical vision. Cobalt's craft is a combination of chaos and control, aggression and adrenaline. Being heavily influenced by the extreme war metal scene in Canada and Australia, Cobalt is unique to the US.
The first demo recording entitled Hammerfight was made on a 4-track in Wunder's basement that same year. It included four of the songs later to appear on the War Metal full length album. Denmark's Pestifer Records caught wind of the Hammerfight demo and released it on cd professionally in 2003. A version of the demo was scheduled to be released as a split vinyl 10" mini album with Canadian war goats Ouroboros on Sombre Records, but this never materialized.

In May of 2003 Cobalt entered Hellion Studios (Cepahlic Carnage, Anwyl, Catheter) to record its first studio album. After 10 days of rigorous work, War Metal reached its completion. From Beyond Productions picked up the War Metal album for worldwide release shortly thereafter. Prepare for total attack metal! Annihilate or Serve!!