Viikate - Biography




Viikate (Scythe) is a Finnish metal band from Kouvola, formed in 1996. The band is known for its melancholic lyrics, drawing inspiration from Finnish romance movies of the 1950s and Finnish singers of the era, including Reino Helismaa. Their style has been variously described as "Helismaa-metal", "wire metal", and "death schlagers". The band began with Kaarle and Simeoni Viikate who remained the only members of the band until 2001, when Arvo and Ervo joined as live musicians before officially joining the band in 2005.

The band's most renowned hits are "Ei Ole Ketään Kelle Soittaa" ("There's No One To Call To"), "Leimu" ("Flame"), and "Pohjoista Viljaa" ("Northern Crops").

Kaarle and Simeoni got the idea of starting the band when watching Lyijykomppania's last concert.