WHOURKR - Biography




WHOURKR started in 2005 with Igorrr and Öxxö Xööx. Death Metal band at first, they found what they were looking for by mixing Metal, Electronica and Breakcore.

The first album, Naät, which was recorded in their home studio, was released for the first time as an auto-production in 2007 despite the complaining of the neighbors and the visit of the police due to the noise. This album was officially released some time after by the Suprachaotic Records in 2009.

In 2008, Öxxö Xööx left the band to devote himself into his eponym personal project, but so far he has stayed a regular guest on all the albums.

Shortly after, Yann Coppier, aka -i snor, became the new singer of the band. He brought a fresh, experimental side to the project. He was working on a WHOURKR's live show and created the WHOURKR plug-in which gave a chance to reproduce all the music effects during the live show. He also recorded the "Kruma" track with Igorrr which you can find on the official release of Naät.

After 2 years of hard working, the Concrete album occurred as a perfect mix between Metal / Noise / Breakcore. This album was released by the label Crucial Blast in 2009 in USA and one year after by Trendkill Records for the European 2010. The duo was touring a lot at this time, in Russia / Tcheque Republic / Sweden / Denmark / Slovakia, etc…

In 2011, after the Yann's leaving, the new line up has been created. Mulk, who was signed on Suprachaotic Records as well, and a friend of the band for years, became the second part of the duo. Mulk brought a distorted bass, a chopped saxophone and new voice which is much more guttural, pig-squeal and goregrind. After 3 years of new experiments, the 3rd album was recorded in Improve Tone Studios. The album's title, 4247 Snare Drums is the exact amount of snare drums hits on this release.

The CD has been released on the Ad Noiseam label in 2012 and the duo Igorrr + Mulk has started a new life on stage.

WHOURKR disbanded in 2013.