Keldian - Biography




Arild and Christer hail from different parts of the solar system, but found a common purpose in their passion for film and music. From the mid-90s they embarked on a quest to find the ultimate vehicle for their musical output, and took part in the projects Protos Nemesis and Alien Love Gardeners. Although good for what they were, both bands were short-lived.

Arild then began his efforts to become a sound engineer while Christer pursued an academic career in film studies, and time went by. Then it dawned on Arild that a crucial piece had been missing from the puzzle - acknowledging their true roots. When they grew up in the 1980s, both of them were keenly atuned to the sounds of the era as it spread from Earth throughout the galaxy. Ridiculed in later eras, the music of the 1980s had over time become the very definition of uncool, even if those that labeled it so had little idea what music they were ignorantly trying to exterminate. Arild has always claimed that the 80s was infinitely more than cheap pop and silly hair. It was time to strike back.

In 2005 Arild asked Christer if he would be up for creating a heavy metal record, and Christer did not need to consider. He had never listened as much to any single band as to his beloved Iron Maiden, and it would be good to embrace those roots.

With Arild now an accomplished engineer, the duo had a different set of means at hand with which to achieve their goals. They let trends be trends, closed their minds to the cool-police, and simply did what they wanted to do - create heavy, melodic, soaring rock music. Songs were written, and they heard that it was good. Keldian was born.

The name is derived from the old norse word "kelde", which means "outspring", "source", or "well" in English. The new band would be inspired by science-fiction and the spiritual for their lyrics, and the band's name was chosen to reflect that the roots of the soul are intimately linked to human kind's ultimate destiny among the stars.

Keldian worked on shaping their debut album. Influences were drawn from classic 1980's heavy rock as well as more modern power metal. There was also no hesitation in admitting to the enduring legacy of Norwegian pop masters A-Ha. In 2006 recordings were underway for the first Keldian album. Their old friend Jørn asked if there was need for a drummer, and stepped in to provide the backbone for the new music. Jørn is well known as the drummer for Norwegian black metallers Windir and Vreid, and would now enable Keldian to achieve their metallic aims. Several other friends and associates joined in completing Heaven's Gate, the first Keldian album.

February 2007 saw the worldwide release of Heaven's Gate by US label Perris Records, and marked lift-off for the Keldian journey. As the album started selling and attracting positive reviews, the band started work on the next record. Arild and Christer were instantly inspired by the response to Heaven's Gate fans and writers alike. The debut album was described as a pleasant surprise that lighted up the year in metal, and a melodic hard rock and metal masterpiece.

With those kind words bestowed upon them, Keldian knew they were here for the long-term, and a sequel would have to be fashioned that would blow the debut out of the water. Retreating to the studio, Arild and Christer spent early 2007 writing new material. Soon enough recordings commenced, and by January 2008 Arild was mixing the 11 tracks seIected for the album.

March 2008 saw the release of the second Keldian album - Journey Of Souls, and the continuation of the quest that started a long time ago. Now Keldian holds a promise to their fans. As long as you are there, Keldian will never surrender to trends or fashion, but keep the light burning for heavy metal.

The journey has just begun. And with a new album in the works for 2012, the journey will be continued.