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Avalanch Biography 2005

Avalanch is on the spotlight again with their newest releases: the DVD Cien Veces and the CD Mother Earth (English version of Los poetas han muerto) which add up to the success of Las ruinas del Edén, released in September 2004. The band is touring Spain heavily and after almost 40 dates, the last leg of the tour will take them for a month to Latin America.

Cien Veces, Avalanch's much anticipated and frankly superb first DVD, shows every aspect of the band that their fans are longing to see up close. It includes the recording of San Mateo 2003 concert in Oviedo, taped with an absolutely striking quality, as well as two wonderful features: one documentary about the Latin Tour, the other, on the Spanish tours and studio work, plus some extrass (a brief unplugged concert, and Lucero's videoclip). More than 150 minutes to enjoy Avalanch at your own home.

Mother Earth features English versions of the ten songs from Los Poetas Han Muerto plus the dazzling cover of Where the Streets Have No Name (U2). Avalanch has performing this song live and now it's getting radio airplay in Spain. Mother Earth's sound has come out much more powerful than its Spanish counterpart thanks to the new mixes., which highlight details which were hidden in the original version. The sound remarkably benefits from Marco's exceptional work on the drums, who has re-recorded all drums in the album. The band has counted on the American drummer and producer Danny Montgomery's supervision of the lyrics and his assistance on vocal production. Mother Earth's graphic design lets us admire the magnificent work of world renowned artist Luis Royo in all its splendour, as well as the photography of Carlos Rodríguez.

Avalanch is a band with an admirable and coherent trajectory. The band has already put out five studio records and a live one, plus from versions in English of two of his works. Their albums have been released in many European and American countries. They have the support of thousands of fans from all over the world, which anxiously await every one of their magnificient live performances. Their music has evolved from its heavy metal roots to trascend genres and labels, and it incorporates elements of classic hard rock; the newest tendencies of hard rock and even celtic music.
In their two most recent albums, Las Ruinas del Edén (2004) and Los Poetas Han Muerto (2003), Avalanch finally forged a steady line-up which has allowed the band to acquire a much more personal sound. Marco Álvarez (drums), Roberto Junquera (keyboard), Alberto Rionda (guitar and vocals) Dany León (guitar and vocals), Fran Fidalgo (bass) and Ramón Lage (vocals) are right now one of the most powerful bands playing live in Spain.

And, the best is yet to come: a new studio album in the horizon and some other surprises will turn 2005 into Avalanch's year.