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Synestesia - Biography




Synestesia was formed in 2001 by Eero Kuusisto and Timo Harju at Pori, Finland. Soon after other mates (Jonne-Pekka Stenroos and Kalle Aaltonen) followed.

Band's first studiorecording was called "Talvimyrkky", and it was released in 2002. Few gigs were made after that, until second studiorecording, Aikamme Orjat (EP), was made and released in summer of 2003. At the time, band was forced for undefined break because of band members' military services.

New rise dawned in early 2006, when all members were through with their debts to the Finnish Defence Forces. Also one major line-up change was made when Eero Kuusisto decided to concentrate only on singing (growling/screaming) and fellow Eero Hammais joined in to be Synestesia's most lovable bass player to date.

The band entered the studio to record their third official release, called Heikkojen Herralle (EP), in June 2006.

After the positive feedback "Heikkojen Herralle" received, Synestesia played a couple of gigs and most importantly; started to write new material for their upcoming release. The band entered the studio in June 2007 and in August the hard work was rewarded. "Ihmisen Nimeen" cd-ep was released in August 15th, 2007 as a free download on the band's home page.

As expected, "Ihmisen Nimeen" was not released in vein. The feedback was even more positive than what "Heikkojen Herralle" gained and new winds began to breeze up ahead. November 2007 remains as one of the most important turning points in the bands history as a record deal was made with Kampas Records.

The story does not end here, it has just begun!