Kotiteollisuus - Biography

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Kotiteollisuus have been trying to learn to play their instruments ever since 1993 when their first demo tape was released under the name Hullu ukko ja kotiteollisuus.

In their homeland Finland the band members are described as a bunch of homophobic redneck chauvinist pigs, career alcoholics or perceptive commentators on the current state of the nation, religion and humankind in general, depending on the sex, IQ, and state of intoxication of the person that you are asking. But since they sing in Finnish you don't have to worry about it all and can just look at all the pretty pictures.

The current shorter version of the name and the line-up of Hynynen (guitar, vocals), Hongisto (bass, vocals) and Sinkkonen (drums) was established in 1997. Kotiteollisuus have so far produced eight full-length albums, one DVD, a bunch of singles and played countless live shows all over Finland.