Trick Or Treat - Biography




Trick or Treat perform since 2002 as Italian tribute of the German band Helloween. The band was born of an idea of guitarist Luca Cabri, immediately supported by Nicola Tomei, first drummer of the band, and by bass player Leone Villani Conti. The three school mates shared the same strong passion for Helloween. Cabri's choice of Alessandro Conti, valued local singer, as vocalist was unquestionable. The line-up was completed by Guido Benedetti, a guitar virtuoso who was already playing with Leone in the prog-band called Black Fabula from Modena. At the beginning of 2006, Nicola Tomei left the band, and he was replaced by the talented drummer Mirko Virdis.

After two years of live experiences the band decides to record their own songs and, indeed, in July 2004 Trick or Treat the recording of "Like Donald Duck" is finished. This 4 tracks demo of pure "happy metal" is praised by the most important webzines of this genre ("best power demo of the year" , ) and obtains general consent from the audience. The success of "Like Donald Duck" takes the band to sign for the Italian label Valery Record (Pino Scotto-Fire Trails; the Phytons )

In 2005, after one summer spent in the famous "Fear studio" in Ravenna, the debut album "Evil needs candy too"comes to light. The success of the debut album takes the band playing in more than 100 live shows in Italy & Europe and, in the summer of 2007, in a USA tour.

In 2008 Trick or Treat return in studio for the recording of the new waited album: Tin Soldiers.
During the album production two important guest stars accept to take part to this new album: Michele Luppi, that has recently left Vision Divine in order to create his new project "killing touch", gives his voice in "take your chance", while Michael Kiske, unforgivable voice of Helloween in "Keeper era", takes part to the songs "Hello moon" and "Tears against your smile". A new important album is ready to be performed in a higher number of stages... Follow you too Trick or Treat live!