Switchtense - Biography



Switchtense were formed early in 2002 by Hugo Andrade (vox) and Karia (bass).
On the first two years the band recorded 2 demos that allowed the band to firstly approach the national panorama.
In 2005 Switchtense took a step forward on their evolution as musicians with the release of the EP "Brainwash Show". This would be the " first official edition" with a new member: in 2005 Pardal joined the band as a guitar player involved in the making and production of the EP.
"Brainwash Show" was edited in March 2006, by the authors, recorded and produced by the band itself. This made it possible to Switchtense to reach a larger number of people and places. From the EP editing on, and after its promotion in sites,magazines and radio stations, the band performed in more than 60 concerts during the years of 2006 and 2007, (with bands like Dew-Scented, Napalm Death, Textures ,Caliban, Inhatred etc), and many other concerts across the country.

Late 2006 Neto (guitar) joined the band and Switchtense was supported by two guitars.
With so many concerts supported by the EP, Switchtense were ready and started to pre-produce their debut album "Confrontation of Souls".
Close to the end of 2007, Xines joins the band as a drummer, the last member to complete the perfect formation to start recording the first album.

After that, concerts were one after the other, in Metal GDL 2008 (with Devildriver, Krisiun, Hatesphere, Lay Down Rotten, Seven Stitches, The Ransack, etc) Festa do avante 2008, first part of the All Shall Perish concert.
This concerts gave Switchtense the opportunity to play live some of the debut themes of the first album.
Reactions couldn't be better, as shown at the official Myspace page of the band where the comments are the most pleasant to prove the strength of the band as a live performer with quality musicians and a mark in the Meal world.
Switchtense signed with the label RASTILHO RECORDS!
Now "Confrontation of Souls "is out! A new era begins!

"Confrontation of Souls" is the most expected debut album of Switchtense, one of the best metal bands nowadays. Recorded by the notorious Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System, Echidna, Heavenwood, The Ransack, W.A.K.O., etc) at the UltraSound Studios, is composed of 11 demolishing Thrash-Hardcore themes leveled to Pantera, Lamb of God or Hatebreed. Edited in Digipack CD with astonishing graphics (Xotox, Bizarra Locomotiva, Echidna, etc), it remarks another excellent job by Coma Visions.

Source: http://www.myspace.com/switchtenseportugal