Thee Orakle - Biography





2004/2005 - In December 2004, the band was born. In March 2005, completed line-up and began the work phase, recorded the Demo with Daniel Carvalho on the first Fast Forward Studios in Oporto. The first live gig was performed in the national festival Rocknordeste in July, where they reached the 3rd place. Thee Orakle began playing shows in the northern region of Portugal.

2006 - The band starts the New Year with a lot of courage, the invitations that Thee Orakle received were increasing, and so the number of concerts as well. In January the band is invited to perform at the Guimarães MetalFest. They also participated in a competition of the well known LOUD! Magazine. Foreign conquer begins through Breakthru Radio in the USA, the site LIVE 4 METAL also makes a great criticism about the good and easy behaviour of Thee Orakle's elements and the quality of their songs. In Portugal, the Lusitânia de Peso Webzine, invites the band to promote a song, "Sea of Life" (Demo 2005), for its first compilation. This year the band also works on the composition and recording of their first EP, while playing with bands like God, Holocausto Canibal, and at the end of December the band participated in the national band competition GA-ROCK Fest and win first place.

2007 - The self-edited EP Secret, came out in April, mixing elements of death/doom and gothic metal. Thee Orakle participate on the Warm Ups Barroselas Metal Fest, and began the Secret Tour. With several concerts on a national level, of which highlights includes two dates in support of the Israelis Orphaned Land during their visit to Portugal. Thee Orakle also travel into Spain a couple times for rock/metal festivals. The criticism inside and outside the country increases and Secret is reviewed with positive words, with the Metal Team UK and the Metal Observer giving the highest praises. Meanwhile, helping broaden the horizons, some of the songs off the EP are played regularly on radio stations in the United States, Germany and Spain and several other national radios. At the same time, webzines and promoters invited the band to share of their songs on compilations. After the end of summer and the dates for the Secret Tour, they spent most of their time on the composition of their first full-length album which would be recorded in the following year…

2008 - Thee Orakle start to create all songs to complete the debut album and at the same time, convert their rehearsal room into a pre-production home studio where all things were about to be recorded. During this creation phase the band was retired from the stages and other promotional acts for about four months. In January the place for the final recordings was announced, UltraSoundStudios (Braga-PT) with Daniel Cardoso (Head Control System) as producer. In April they began the pre-production at their home studio and the final recordings were scheduled for August and September. Another important step was the announcement, as special guest through friendly collaboration, of Yossi Sassi Sa'Aron from the Israeli Orphaned Land playing the Bouzouki, a traditional Greek guitar.

2009 - March 16, 2009 was the day of the official release of the band's debut album. Metaphortime was the name and the album's support tour started promptly with a trip to southern Portugal for the SFAL Fest in Barreiro, this was their first show in support of the new album, just days after it's release. This was followed by numerous concerts throughout the country and everywhere they played the responses to it were more than positive, at every show they performed including Metal GDL, [band]Fnac Algarve Shopping[/b], the Vagos Open Air Festival in Cortes de Lamego and Vimaranes Metallvm in Guimarães, the opinions expressed about Metaphortime exceeded the expectations of the band. As already mentioned, this album had a special guest guitarist/composer Yossi Sassi Sa'aron of the Israeli band Orphaned Land who, with great friendship, played the bouzouki (traditional Greek guitar) on the track "Alchemy Awake". Among the gigs which the Metaphortime Tour carried out, the band crossed the stage with bands of national and international reputation such as Bal-Sagoth, WAKO, Dark Tranquillity, Cynic, Amon Amarth, etc. Also the reviews about Metaphortime were extremely positive and the forums of band topics, both nationally and internationally, increased in visitors and comments; reviews were appearing all over and among them some highlights were INFERNAL MASQUERADE WEBZINE - Dark Emperor - USA - 91/100; THOUGHTS OF METAL - Tim Vervaeke - Belgium -"… one of the surprises of 2009."; Metal Archives - Lord_Pain - 80%; METAL OBSERVER - Sebastian - (8.5/10); Metal Team Uk - Pete Woods - "…cold shiver down the spine."; Femme Metal - Tony Cannella - Rating - 80/100.

2010 - In early 2010 Thee Orakle traveled to Lisbon to complete the Metaphortime Tour with their friends in Orphaned Land from Israel. With this concert the band had the amazing opportunity to perform their song "Alchemy Awake" live with Yossi Sassi (who played the bouzouki for this song on the album) at Santiago Alquimista; this was a moment frozen in many memories. After a few months past the band was invited to perform in northern Portugal with Heavenwood at the Rivoli Theatre, Thee Orakle performed the opening slot for the Oporto band, being one of the first metal bands to step onto the stage in a theater with such history and prestige. This leg of concerts they concluded the support tour of the album Metaphortime and thus began the composition phase for the successor to their critically acclaimed debut album. It was then that the band was at the peak of it's creational capacity, however Thee Orakle lost long time guitarist Romeu Dias.