Beyond Twilight - Biography




"We don't follow the way the wind is blowing"
Beyond Twilight has always been a band going it's own way. That's what the band is all about really. Never compromising with anything the colourful music industry tried to pull over the heads of the band. Some call the music of Beyond Twilight cinematic metal, some call it prog metal. You can't really compare Beyond Twilight to any other band. You can't put the music in a box no matter how much you would like to. So just forget about it. Beyond Twilight has always had their own style and sound. "We'll always stay true to our music".

"Let other bands split up"
Since the very beginning in 1990 we've had a few changes to find the right line-up. Since 1996 the band has stuck together through rough times and good times. The band members are still the same today. In 2004 we added 2 new members to our line-up Jacob Hansen (Invocator) and Kelly Carpenter (Outworld). Sick and tired of band whores, super egos, project musicians and posers we've finally found the stability and perfect line- up we've been looking for in years. No kings of nothing - only true artists - the band is intact."

"Living in Darkness"
Even though we've had selling success we've never had desires for being a media band. There's always been some kind of mystery about our band. Not many photos have been made official for the media and we've never been much into the publicity thing. Yes it's true there is only one guy behind it all but even though he would very much like the public to know that Beyond Twilight is a band not a solo-project. Due to the massive support from our fans we've now after 12 years decided to step out into the light. Beyond Twilight and the fanbase has grown a lot during the years and we feel we owe this to you. We do this for our fans and for our fans only - you mean everything to us.

"Section X - the new album"
The long awaited release of the new album is on the way. Many would probably think that we would do a follow up on the success of The Devil's Hall Of Fame. Maybe make a part II or as many would like us to - take it into a more commercial direction. This is not the direction we wanted to take it. Section X is more complex, darker, heavier, faster, more cinematic and more aggressive than anything we've done before! The album is full of "hidden" details for true Beyond Twilight fans. This album is for music enthusiasts and metal heads - posers and easy listeners should not touch this album unless they want to get burned.

"For the fans"
We really can't thank you enough for you support. We've worked very hard on this album - hope you'll like it. We have lots of specialties coming up for you. The new album, a video, new merchandising and much more. See ya soon. Cheers ... Beyond Twilight.