Acid Reign - Biography




Acid Reign were a band from Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK, formed in 1985 that disbanded in 1991. They played an energetic style of thrash metal that took a more humorous approach to the music. The band's first release was the Moshkinstein demo in 1987, which led to them signing with British thrash specialists Under One Flag (under Music For Nations) in 1988 for their first EP of the same name. This resulted in the band supporting such acts as Flotsam & Jetsam and Death Angel. Shortly after the release, Gaz Jennings and Ian Gangwer were replaced by Mac (Holoslade), and Adam Lehan, (Lord Crucifier). Acid Reign struck up a friendship with label mates Nuclear Assault and Exodus, and toured the UK and Europe in a supporting role during the Survive Tour and Fabulous Disaster Tour.

In 1989 Acid Reign toured with Nuclear Assault again across Europe with Dark Angel and Candlemass after the release of their full-length debut, The Fear. Their second album, Obnoxious, arrived in 1990. The album was not well received by the band's fanbase, and following the departure of Adam Lehan to Cathedral and Kev to Lawnmower Deth, the band decided to call it a day in 1991. They finally signed off with a legendary show at the London Marquee Club.

A compilation album, The Worst Of Acid Reign, was released by Under One Flag featuring live, demo and previously unreleased material.

Acid Reign members Kev, H, Ian, Mac and Ramsey met up for a "reunion beer" back in their hometown in September 2007. That line-up version of Acid Reign hadn't been together in over 15 years prior to the get-together, but it was not enough to inspire a re-union gig. And though it is uncertain as to whether or not the band will ever reunite, Acid Reign will always be a band fans look back on and wonder what could have been.