Crisix - Biography





Crisix was born in February 2008 under the name of Crysys. The band was originally formed by Javi Carrión and Marc Torras (ex-members of Shadon). They looked to friends of other local bands to fill their line-up, and this way Marc Busqué (ex-Helltears) and Albert Requena (ex-Face) joined on guitars. The first singer of the band couldn't be present at the presentation's concert, and they decided to replace him with Julián Baz (bassist of Bourbon Society). The group realized that Juli's voice was fitting better to the style that the band was looking for, and they decided to propose him the singer's position, closing out the formation.

After having won the national contest, Martohell Metal Rumble 2008, the band decided to record their first single: "Dead By The Fistful Of Violence" in the summer of 2008 in Akord's Studio (Igualada), with the intention of it appearing on the Spain Kills compilation for the Spanish label Xtreem Music.

In December of that year they recorded another two songs: "Internal Pollution" and "Mummified By Society" also in Akord's Studio in order to get their first demo CD (Demonsthrashion) recorded. The band would then participate in the W:O:A Metal Battle Spain 2009. After their national victory they traveled to Germany in summer 2009 in order to participate in the world final. They battled against 19 other bands from all over the world and they won a recording contract with Wacken Records. With this contract, they set out to record their first CD, The Menace, in Stage One Studio (Germany).

In early 2010 the band began working with Waldemar Sorychta (Sodom, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, etc.) for the pre-production of The Menace, but problems with the Wacken Records label forced the band to work on recording themselves in November, 2010 at Axtudios (Barcelona). Two months later the band moved to Germany in February in order to do the mixing and mastering at Stage-One Studio with Andy Classen.

A few months before the album's release, Sony Corporation warned them that they could not continue using the Crysys name due to legal problems with the video game of the same name. Thus, the band changed their name to Crisix.

In May of 2011 the band signed their first official contract with Kaiowas Records, releasing their debut on September 26th that same year.