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US porn grinders hailing from Illinois, Lividity (and their releases) speak volumes of heretic, hatred and whores. Founded by Dave Kibler in 1993 as an enthusiastic one-man project, the extremely brutal sound of the early days fused massive influences from Hypocrisy, Bloodfeast, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary into an acidic and breathtaking musical mixture. Kibler's motto was "the faster the music, the tighter the execution, and the slower the music, the heavier the tone"...

After the first spreading of his music with its inhumane lyrical articulations, Kibler was joined by some like-minded comrades. Lividity's debut was a simple and crushing 4-track tape EP entitled Rejoice In Morbidity released in Europe through Poland's Immortal Records in 2006. The band released their full-length debut, Fetish For The Sick, under Ablated Records the following year. Other Lividity releases include: The Age Of Clitoral Decay (2000), ...Til Only The Sick Remain (2002), Used, Abused And Left For Dead (2006), and most recently To Desecrate And Defile (2009). In addition to these full-length albums, Lividity have released several split vinyls, bootlegs, rehearsal demos, live albums and even compilations, and plan on releasing a new split album with Flesh Grinder in 2010 as well as contributing 2 tracks for a Blood tribute compilation.

Von Young (vocals, guitar) and Jordan Varela (drums) joined the band in 2005. Drummer Garrett Scanlan then replaced Varela shortly after his departure. Lividity signed a record deal with War Anthem Records and have performed at various festivals and tours including Europe Party.San Metal Open Air 2008 and headlining Europe Tours 2003, 2007, 2009.

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