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DEW-SCENTED have grown to become one of the leading, new generation German Thrash-Death Metal bands. With each of their records, DEW-SCENTED have made another step forwards and clearly improved their abilities. Some journalists even compared their catchiness and brutality with acts like Slayer. "Impact" is their fifth studio album and once again a unique and extreme record of highest level, in all manners. Andy Classen (Graveworm, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Krisiun, etc.) did yet another excellent production job at his Stage One Studio and gave "Impact" an incredibly clear, yet utterly aggressive sound quality. The album title "Impact" was obviously chosen due to the heaviness of the featured material. Experience and enjoy this act of rage!!!

DEW-SCENTED were formed in 1992 and it didn't take long before the band felt ready to release their first and only demo tape "Symbolization" in the winter of 1993/1994. The Northern German band gained a huge amount of positive feedback within the global Underground scene with the six-song tape. Consequently, a handful of labels expressed interest in signing DEW SCENTED (a name inspired by Edgar Allan Poe). In the end the band signed a record deal with Steamhammer Records/SPV and released their debut album "Immortelle" in February 1996. DEW SCENTED managed to achieve a very solid reputation of being an aggressive, very intense live experience after supporting bands such as Overkill, Poltergeist, Torchure, etc. The band also promoted the release of their first full-length record by touring with Edge Of Sanity, Lake Of Tears and Sadist, several short trips with the likes of Morbid Angel and Arch Enemy as well as a highly successful ten-date tour through Italy. Their ongoing work in the concert circuit, unfortunately, caused the natural process of some line-up changes. These changes, nevertheless, didn't stop the band from growing into a more solid, mature unit who immediately began concentrating on writing more compact and relentless songs for the follow-up album.

"Innoscent", released in the early summer of 1998 through Grind Syndicate Media / Nuclear Blast, impressed listeners with voracious songs as well as a pounding final mix production courtesy of cult producer Dan Swanö. DEW-SCENTED once again headed out to present the album on European stages. A sting of tours followed with Death, the "Summer Clash" festival tour with Deicide, Six Feet Under, Amon Amarth, Naglfar and Brutal Truth, as well as a show at the "Wacken Open Air" in 1998, and plenty of single gigs with bands as diverse in style as Dismember, Eucharist or Night In Gales. Without any actual time-off the band managed to complete a new album, which was released in the summer of 1999. "Ill-Natured" marked the band's most acclaimed production so far and featured the most elaborate DEW-SCENTED song writing. The band successfully merged Death and Thrash Metal elements, striking melody with technical passages and all the while still never forgetting about the total brutality that the music should convey. DEW-SCENTED, once again, hit the road and performed as much as possible, including a European tour supporting Overkill and Annihilator, several different festival shows and gigs with Immortal, Tankard, Vader, etc. All these appearances were highlighted by an amazing four-date tour of Japan alongside Defleshed and Night In Gales.

In the summer of 2001 DEW SCENTED entered the respected "Stage One Studio" with producer Andy Classen to nail down the fourth full-length album "Inwards". With the consistent line-up from the last couple of years DEW-SCENTED fully impress on this record with thoroughly catchy writing, uncompromising heaviness, skull crushing guitar riffs, technically outstanding power-drumming, wrecking bass-lines and a completely devastating vocal deliverance. "Inwards" turned out to be an album with an energetic approach that is second to none; a truly indispensable brutal Thrash Metal jewel perfectly suitable for fans of Slayer and Death as well as At the Gates and The Haunted. In the meantime, DEW-SCENTED had added Hendrik Bache to the band's steady line-up for additional six-string power and suitable songwriting contribution, bringing the band back to quintet shape. DEW-SCENTED toured in promotion of their acclaimed new release (which by the way achieved several "album of the month" features and awesome media feedback throughout the whole world) in France with No Return, in UK with Vader, supported a week of shows for the German Thrash Metal Trinity Kreator, Destruction and Sodom, played several Summer festival sets (With Full Force, Summer Rocks in Hungary, Party-San, Metalfest Vienna, etc.), visited North American ground for the very first time to perform a highly succesful set at the well-known Milwaukee Metalfest and finisihed off the busy year 2002 with a 5 weeks, full European tour as main support act to Cannibal Corpse.

With their new output "Impact", DEW-SCENTED are set to prove the Metalworld how extreme Thrash Metal can actually be. So if you are tired of looking for a total adrenaline-rush, a final speed overkill or simply an unquestionably good extreme Metal release: You just can't go wrong with DEW-SCENTED and "Impact"! Watch out for DEW-SCENTED's upcoming tour activities which include appearances at both Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze festival, headlining dates in The Netherlands as well as a tour in November with Nile and Misery Index which leads the package to join the prestigious "X-Mass Festivals" along with their label mates of Destruction and Graveworm, as well as Deicide and Amon Amarth.

The album is going to be released as a limited edition Digipak including two bonus tracks. The vinyl version comes as a 2-LP including "Inwards" & "Impact".

Taken from the official Dew-Scented website