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Twilight - Biography




Twilight was reformed by Blake Judd and Wrest in late January of 2009. Wrest was planning a one-month work trip to Chicago (Judd's home city). The two decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do some writing and recording. After more discussion, N. Imperial was contacted and the three agreed to again work under the Twilight banner. Judd had also recently started writing for a new project with Stavros Giannopolous (The Atlas Moth) and their one joint composition thus far was added to the mix. Stavros joined as a second guitarist and writer, as the other members felt he'd bring a new dynamic and help to further expand their sound.

Sanford Parker (Minsk, Buried At Sea) runs Volume Studios, which is conveniently located six blocks from Judd's home in Chicago (where Wrest and N. Imperial were staying during the recording). The band chose to record there with Sanford behind the controls (especially after the success Judd and Parker just had with Nachtmystium's Assassins). Twilight also invited Sanford to contribute to the record. He wound up performing all the synth, on top of engineering the entire album.

The biggest surprise was yet to come, as Judd also found Isis main-man Aaron Turner a welcome addition to this odd marriage of musicians, engineers and all-around forward-thinkers. Aaron's unique brand of melody and atmosphere became an integral part of the recording process, fueling more experimentation and contributing an overall feel to the record that was previously unimagined.

Robert Lowe (Lichens, Om), a fellow friend and Chicagoan, was also invited into the studio to do some additional clean vocal work. Originally, the plan was for him to contribute to one track; he wound up contributing to three tracks on the record, adding a very unique and foreign sound to all.

Unlike their self-titled debut, the music on Monument To Time End was written collaboratively between the six members of Twilight. Though they have no plans for future live performances, the new line up worked very well in the studio together, so another record in the future is not entirely impossible...