Dark Flood - Biography




Having been in existence for more than a decade, Dark Flood has managed to maintain its own musical contribution to the metal community. From the band's beginning in 1996, the music has been a unique mix of aggression and beauty with a strong focus on musical expression.

Dark Flood's musical processing is divided into three sections. The main composer, Kalle, initiates the process by forming new ideas during rehearsals. As a group, Dark Flood begins arranging the ideas and leaving Ville to organize the arrangements and produce the band's final sound. Pauli's additional lyrical interpretations create an atmosphere of melancholy and depression.

1996: Flood is formed by four original members: Ville, Kalle, Tuomas and Henkka. The band composes a few songs, but plays mostly covers.
1997: Flood's first live show is held at a local nightclub; the audience is mostly comprised of members' friends.
1998: Pauli joins the band; Ad Infinitum is recorded. The band adopts the new moniker Dark Flood, but does not change stylistically.
2000: Sampo joins the band and the band performs live. The Deep-Sleep-Utopia is recorded.
2001: Dark Flood tours with Final Dawn. In Vain is recorded.
2002: Dark Flood continues performing live, strengthening their fan base in Finland.
2003: The band nearly change their moniker but decide against it. Still Liberty, the band's full-length debut, is recorded.
2004: Dark Flood are "signed" by Ville's record label (Minortone Entertainment). The band performs live at Jalometalli, a metal festival in Oulu.
2005: Still Liberty is released; work on new material begins. Dark Flood records a split album for promotional use with Pauli's other band, ZeroCrowd.
2006: Dark Flood records The Dead Lines in the summer. Sampo leaves the band after recording to focus on his solo project, Loopwork.

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