Northland - Biography




Northland was formed in and around 2004 when Pau Murillo, along with some friends, decided to start a band with viking and melodic death metal touches, which completely dissolved due to different problems.

After a short period of time, Pau found another band (Everfrost), in which he settled quickly, and proposed to continue with the style his previous band had but much more death/folk metal-oriented. The band accepted the direction and Pau led the band, writing all the material. However, in some time and after some internal problems, the band decided to go their separate ways, although Pau decided to move along with his music.

After some time, Pau announced that he is back with Northland, looking for musicians, and decides to ask some trustworthy members from his previous bands. Thus, Cristian (drums), Jonathan (keyboards) and Sergi (guitars) come in. After much thinking and discussion and contributing with different ideas from everyone for the future of the band, they decide to look for a violin player in order to increase the folk side of the songs, and consequently Guzmán takes his role as such. Eric Vila, friend of Pau, finally joined as a bass player. Due to personal problems, Cristian left the band, being substituted by Daniel Mateu shortly afterwards.

With this line-up, the band started to be known playing at small festivals in Catalonia and the Iberian Peninsula. The band then released their first demo, Freezing Sadness, with good response from the audience.

But things got complicated again and Jonathan, Sergi, Guzmán and Eric left the band due to lack of motivation. In little time, Pol Lemaire (keyboard) joined; Pau and Dani continued with the band, who later hired Alex Fernández (guitar), Pau Vazquez (violin), and Yolanda Gago (bass) shortly after that, just in time to be back on the stages again.

At the end of 2009, Northland signed a contract with Black Bards Entertainment in order to edit the debut record of the band, released in early 2010 and with a homonymous title: Northland. This release opened the gates of Europe for the band, where they performed at several concerts and small festivals. Shortly after that, Yolanda quit the band due to personal reasons, leaving the bass position for Vic A. Granell, engineer in the recording of the album and current bass player in progressive death metal outfit Moonloop.

Currently, the band is working in their next visit to Europe and in their second CD, with the aim of releasing it by the end of 2011 with the support of Black Bards Entertainment.