Windrider - Biography

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Windrider began its life as the home studio project of seventeen year old Elliot Vernon in 2008. After a number of small demos and individual songs, Windrider eventually found its own sound and the debut EP was released in April 2009. Critically acclaimed by the underground folk and Viking metal scene, 'Muspelheim' brought Elliot's music to new heights and popularity. The demand to see the music performed live prompted the creation of a live line-up, and Windrider first came to the stage in October 2009. Elliot began writing and recording the follow-up to Muspelheim, Windrider's debut album 'To New Lands...' towards the end of 2009, and the album was released in March 2010. After line-up changes, Windrider are now more confident than ever and are rehearsing the new material for live shows in 2010!