Sirrah - Biography

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Sirrah's story starts in 1992, when guitarists Bai'sahr and Matt joined forces on a warm summer day and together wrote their first song, "On the Verge ". Basically, it was just for fun, but they had some friends listen to it, who found the song great. Therefore, the two friends began to think about the project of forming a band. The first persons to join were Slawek on bass and Bart on drums. With them, they wrote some more songs and recorded a demo tape titled "Once More Before We Soar". Then, they hired a keyboard player, Chris, and a viola player, Magdalena. Lastly, another vocalist, Tom (ex-Morning Pride), joined the band. With this formation, they shaped the songs intended to be recorded for their debut album.

They recorded the first version of their album "Acme" on Melissa Productions, an underground polish label, with female vocalist Maya from the band "Moonlight" as a guest. The sessions took place in "Labyrinth and Pillbox" studio in Wroclaw. But this label had quite limited financial potential, and couldn't offer Sirrah the perspectives their music deserved, so the band started looking for a better deal, with a better company. They had become well-known in the polish underground metal scene - they had even played as the opening act for Deep Purple for their concert in Poland in 1996 - so they had proposals quite quickly, and signed a contract with Music for Nations for three albums. Thus, they want back to studio to re-record a new version of their debut. In the meantime, the rhythm section had left the band, so a new bassist (Christopher) and a new drummer (Michael) joined one week before the beginning of the recording sessions.

The new version of "Acme" is released worldwide in September, 1996, and features one brand new track, as well as a new jacket art. After that, they were plans for an European tour with Samael and Moonspell, but in the final moment, their participation was cancelled, because Century Media decided to take one of their own bands on the tour instead. However, Sirrah toured with them on the polish part (five concerts). A few months later, co-founding member Bai'sahr leaves the band. Lead guitarist Roger joins.

In April, 1997, Sirrah's second album, titled "Did tomorrow come... ", is released in Poland. A few days before, the band played at the famous Metalmania festival along with Samael, Tiamat, Moonspell and Anathema. The beautiful A5-sized digipak version features a ten-minute bonus track. The album is very original, and totally amazing. It is ranked " album of the month " in the polish edition of Metal Hammer. It is the time when everyone can discover Sirrah's dramatic evolution. They've left behind their old, gothic sounds, for more experimental stuff. The album features more aggressive, sick and twisted songs, and a bunch of weird sounds. It has less female vocals, rawer guitars, and a truly original, very personal atmosphere. Six months later, the album was released worldwide, but the title was changed by MFN to "Will tomorrow come ? ", which makes it lose a lot of its meaning ...However, the album got very good marks in western magazines, and even in Japan.

With this record, Sirrah showed they can compare with the best western bands. But they have a truly original sound and style that makes them unique.