Abyssos - Biography

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Abyssos was formed in January 1996 by Rehn, Meidal and Söderlund in Sundsvall, Sweden.

In February 1996, Abyssos entered the Hedberska Studios to record their "Wherever the Witches Might Fly" demo, which features 3 hymns of Atmospheric, melodic and witching metal. The demo was released on the first of September and Abyssos gained a geat deal of interest from various labels. This demo has received a huge response from all over the world. Indeed, several bands, fanzines and radio stations believe that it was the best demo released in 1996 and indeed the best demo to come out of Sweden.

Shortly after the release of the demo tape, the band signed a deal with London based cult label Cacophonous. In May 1997, Abyssos entered Academy studios, situated in Yorkshire (England) to record their debut album - "Together We Summon The Dark" which features 9 tracks of darkest Satanic metal and was unleashed by Cacophonous in October 1997. The album features some of the most spectacular Vampyric artwork ever to be seen in this genre.

In November 1998, Rehn and Soderlund returned to British shores to record their second album for Cacophonous at Academy, entitled "Fhinsthanian Nightbreed" (unleashed In May 1999) which encompasses 9 tracks of symphonic Witching Metal in the vein of such luminaries of the genre as Emperor and Dimmu Borgir. This album also features more spectacular artwork and finished copies appear with a fold out Horror Film style booklet. Due to the exemplary nature of the album artwork, merchandise will also accompany the release.

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