Klone - Biography


Already well-known on the French and European scene, Klone is about to achieve musical domination with a fifth album promising to be the high note of ten years of passion, work and musicality. This new effort is going to be crucial for the career of these guys from Poitiers. However, before that, the band is offering a new three-songs EP as a preview of the great evolution launched with "Black Days". Psychedelic, intense and more progressive than ever, the music instils a strongly mysterious atmosphere. But to go back when it all started: Klone is a band from Poitiers, formed in 1999. "Duplicate" (2003) was their first studio recording (David Ledoux then was their singer but he was to be replaced by Yann Ligner in the next album). Soon the young band got glowing reviews and comparisons with bands like Pantera, Alice in Chains, Porcupine Tree, or even Tool.

"High Blood Pressure", recorded in 2004, followed up on the same track while really developing the rock and melodic side of their now more-polished style. It's only with the release of "All Seeing Eye" in 2009 that Klone took off and established themselves as one of the French metal references.
Klone pushes further a music still considered as unwavering and rock-steady and flavours it with many influences and challenging arrangements. The band unites its art with some peculiar and original instruments not much used on the actual metal scene (saxophone, harp, Chinese flute and multiple electronic arrangements). After they signed with Season of Mist, Klone took the opportunity of finally getting known outside of the French territory. That album was indeed distributed all over Europe and even in Australia. Klone's popularity skyrocketed. Thanks to its success, the band played in a series of 25 gigs and even performed at the Hellfest in 2008. As an interesting note, Joe, Gojira's singer, sang on the eponymous track of their album. Klone chose to get back quickly to the studio. Two years later, they released "Black Days" (CD + live DVD also including an exclusive cover of Bjork's "Army of Me"). It was literally a new birth for the band.

That new record received a warm welcome from the press and the fans in France and abroad. The band wandered away from a more and more unadventurous scene and reinvented itself with a now heavier, mysterious, atmospheric, and even mystical music, coloured by an impressive visual aura. With 'Black Days", Klone toured in more than 50 venues in France and Europe. More particularly, they were not only the opening band in Europe for the legendary American band King's X but also for Katatonia, They also played some dates with Helmet (the Elysée Montmarte in Paris,). In summer of 2011, they shared the prestigious Maintsage of the Hellfest with Down, Morbid Angel and In Flames. Klone has clearly moved on to the next stage.

"The Eye of Needle" goes one step further toward an even more personal, pure and original musicality. With an eponymous piece, divided in two tracks of 10 and 7 minutes, this EP is going farther than ever into psychedelia and heavy sound. Yann Ligner is in his natural element, with a singing continuously shared between a distinctively metallic heaviness and emotional rock overtones. With "The Eye of Needle", Klone stands fully behind the now progressive side of their music. The third track, "Monster", is an unreleased song from the sessions of the previous album (Black Days). Klone has now a sound of its own and there are no comparisons with other famous names. Klone is one of the big names now and the next album will only reinforce this accomplishment.