Overdream - Biography

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Overdream was founded by members of the former hard rock band, Ivanhoe. Common work was preceeded by a long period of experimental composing, which resulted in the development of the typical Overdream sound. Attila Tanács (keyboard, guitar) has managed to develope a fresh and unique style by bravely mixing the characteristics of classical, electro and rock music. The band made its debut in 2002, at the Mako International Youth Filmfestival. With their English songs, special sound, and the spectacular video show accompanying the gigs, Overdream has proved to be successful in creating a special atmosphere on stage. Their first album, "Navigator" has just been released in the summer of 2006. The year 2009 brought major changes in the band's line-up and sound. At the moment, Overdream is working on their second album.