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Crossfire - Biography




Crossfire started out in Ankara with Öz and Murat on guitars, Kaya on bass and Rifat on drums. The band started working in their own studio in 1998. But then Öz had to leave the band due to the military obligation and Murat too, because of his studies. After the separation Kaya and Rifat had to work on their own for a while. In the mean time Kaya took the guitars, which is his real place. And till 1999 the band had been on two concerts in Ankara with Kaan on bass and Deniz on guitars. The band had worked on some songs at that time too.

After a long time of work, the band had finally recorded a demo but on the afterwards they had decided not to publish it due to their opinion that the recording was insufficient for entering to the Turkish underground metal scene. By the end of the year 2000 Kaan had to leave the band due to the same reasons as Öz and Murat.

Thus, Kaya and Rifat were alone again. After a short time of searching new members, Can was placed to the drums. In the mean time, Rifat, who is also a guitar player, took the bass and vocals. By the middle of 2000, one of the founding members of the band, Öz who had finished his military obligation and married, took the guitars once more. With the placement of Bülent on vocals, who was known from the band called Tayga; Crossfire had become more powerful than ever and started working on the ''Decisions of Hate EP''. They have published it in the late 2002. After their first EP, the band gave speed to concerts but then again Öz had left the band because he wanted to focus on his family. Kerem was placed to the guitars afterwards. And the band had finally shaped and had been together till today.

With their speed thrash sound which contains the elements of progressive and power metal, Crossfire had all the attention on V. and VI. Rock Station Fests. Apart from these fests, they have gained positive reaction from the Turkish audience and they had also been on the Metal Bash fest in Germany.

Having a unique and successful thrash sound which combines influential and smooth riffs of rhythm guitar and skillfully added solos, the band, especially with the using of vocals, collates the Iced Earth and Nevermore type of speed thrash with the European style melodic thrash skillfully. Crossfire has all the features of thrash metal in lyrics along with their strong musical structure.