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Necrophagia - Biography





The birth of Necrophagia was solely inspired by Killjoy's obssession with horror and upon first hearing Venom and then HellHammer
Necrophagia was formed in late 1983 by Killjoy. The band released various demos and in 1987 they released "Season of the Dead" Then shortly broke up afterwards claiming Extreme musical differences. Killjoy stated that "the other band members wanted to go torward a more mainstream style while I wanted to get heavier and sicker." When asked what made him develope his unique singing style , he simply stated "I just wanted to sound like the demon that possessed Reagan from "The Exorcist".

After the intial demise of Necrophagia, Killjoy kept busy by doing a self titled side project which he calls a thrash band, he also did a death/thrash metal band named "Cabal" in 1991... It was in 1994 that Philip Anselmo told Killjoy he could write a Necrophagia album... and in fact he did, and a fantastic one at that. The rebirth of Necrophagia was born with "Holocausto de la Morte" Possessing even sicker vocals from Killjoy and a more horrific sound, than the previous release. The band then did an MCD and a single, during that time Killjoy had all the old material remastered and re released for the many fans who had emailed and written him stating they had worn out their old cassettes. ", Many people were requesting the old releases that they had 16-17 years ago. I knew they were nearly impossible to find anywhere so I spoke with Red Stream and had all the old material reissued for the die hard fiends !!!

I have always been an avid fan of horror since I can remeber. Some of my earliest memories i have are at around age 5 when I used to get up early Saturday morning and instead of watching cartoons like most normal children did back then I would watch the Chiller Theater Show. Although I do have other memories as well, and had a normal childhood The memories of those shows are still with me today.

Killjoy is also involved in other bands such as Ravenous, Wurdulak, and side projects such as Eibon, and Hellpig. When asked about why he is in so many bands he simply states this. "In order to keep Necrophagia pure I need to have an outlet for the other musical demons i have inside. I don't want to incorperate black metal or other things into Necrophagia. I only want it to grow into a more extreme form. I don't feel Necrophagia is a death metal band, although that's what it gets classified as. I consider it a horror/gore band, like the soundtrack to a nightmare, You're WORST nightmare" He continues on to give a little information of each of the bands that he is involved with.

RAVENOUS is total old school... gore drenched... death metal. Members include Chris Reiffert (vocals/Drums) , Dan Lilker (bass) , Clint Bower (guitar) and Danny Coralles (guitar) and Killjoy(vocals)

EIBON a meshing of various styles ranging from black metal to rock n roll

HELLPIG is still in the planning stages but will be a mixture of plasmatics, butthole surfers, and grindcore with tortured vocals and insane song structures. Their debut will be titled "Body Bags"

WURDULAK is completely old school Black metal with a drunken touch of madness. Consisting of MANIAC from Mayhem, ISCARIAH ex Immortal FREDIABLO from Gorelord/Necrophagia FUG from Soul Forsakken IHIZAHG from Perrished and JEHMOD from Bloodthorn and Killjoy.