Mustan Kuun Lapset - Biography






The band was found in Hollola, Finland 1993 with line up Kari kinnunen (bass), Mikko Hautala (drums), Pete Lehtinen (voc, guitars), Pete Tamminen (guitars). The first release was a demo called "...Kunnes Loppuu Yö" (limited 100 copies). It included three songs, one of them was played on the Finnish national radio.

The second demo called "Varjomaa" was published in 1997, thirteen months after the first one (limited 150 copies). After the release MKL had some contacts with distributors and record companies, but no deals were done, therefore an idea to make a self financed sd was born.

The "Prologi" self-produced mini-CD was published in December 1998 and it included four + one bonus tracks. 1,5 months after the release over 200 copies of the "Prologi" mini-CD had been sold almost without any advertising. Soon after that all 500 copies were sold. MKL signed a deal with Nocturnal Music (Italy) for reprint of "Prologi". Re-produced "Prologi" was published in December 1999 and NM proposed another release deal which MKL approved. A year after that, in December 2000, split cd with another Finnish band came public and co-operation with NM ended.

In February 2001 MKL recorded their first full-length album called "Suruntuoja". After a half year brake the band found a new publisher; Northern Sound Records (Finland). The album was released in the autumn 2002. In spring 2003 MKL recorded second full-length album called "Kauniinhauta". The album was released in the autumn 2003 by NSR.

Kai Hanninen joined MKL in the beginning of 2004 to replace Kari Kinnunen, who resigned in the autumn 2003. Hanninen is also known as the lead singer of punk act Olotila and a quitarist in the black metal band Acabó El Silencio. In summer 2004 MKL signed a deal with Roihu Records (Finland) to release the third album "Talvenranta" in spring 2005.

MKL entered once again to Mika Haapasalo's PopStudio (Loimaa, Finland) in January 2005 to record their third full-length album "Talvenranta". The follower of the 2003 album "Kauniinhauta" was released in April 2005 by Finnish Roihu Records. The the album was released as a special edition digipack including a multimedia track.

In 2006 MKL made a deal with Finnish metal label Dies Irae to release the fourth full-length album. The follower of "Talvenranta" (Roihu Records, 2005) was recorded and mixed again at Mika Haapasalo's Popstudio (at the new location in Helsinki, Finland) during Easter 2007. The album "Viimeinen laulu kuolemasta" saw the daylight in August 2007 and was the last studio album of the band.