Vlad Tepes - Biography

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Logo first appeared on "War Funeral March" 1995 MCD reissue and later on original "Morte Lune" demo layout and Torgeist/Vlad Tepes split-CD. Logo used on every 2014/2015 Drakkar Productions re-issues.

Logo appeared on 1994 "Celtic Poetry" demo and 1995 "Into Frosty Madness" demo.


Vlad Tepes was a French black metal band which was formed in Brest in 1993. The name originated from the 15th century Wallachian ruler, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's fictional vampire Dracula. The group belongs to the Black Legions. Vorlok Drakksteim also has a side project named Black Murder. He is the composer of that band, while Wlad Drakksteim is the composer for Vlad Tepes. Vlad Tepes were one of the Black Legions bands featured in the magazine The Black Plague - First Chapter (And Maybe Last One) in 1995.

After a self-released rehearsal tape, the demo-tape War Funeral March (1994) was released on the American market by Full Moon Productions. It was followed the next year by March to the Black Holocaust, a split release with fellow Black Legions act Bèlkètre, issued on the French Embassy Productions. In 1996, another split album with the Black Legions project Torgeist, Black Legions Metal, was released by the French Drakkar Productions.

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