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JANVS (spelled Janus, the capital "U" is written as a "V" in Latin) was born in 2003 as a solo project of Vinctor; after recording some advanced material, the project signs an agreement with Pagan Moon Records for the release of its first effort, conceived as a demo because of its rawness and immaturity, "Nigredo" (PGM-008, 2004).

In 2005 Claudio Fogliato (Tronus Abyss) as bass player and, a bit later, Francesco La Rosa (Ianua, Malombra, Segno del Comando) as drums player join the band whereas Vinctor keeps handling vocals and guitars. Finally, after quite a long time of preparation, the band enters the studio during Summer 2006 to record "Fulgures", which got released by ATMF in October 2007.

The sound changed a lot from previous efforts, going towards a much more elaborated and dynamic direction while not going too far from the stylistic musical standards of the Black Metal genre. Conceptually the album is based upon the shattering of human limits and condition, upon the longing and the temporary conquest of real moments of awareness and contact with the peaks of trascendence. Musically intense, aggressive, melancholic and solemn, the album received mainly strongly positive reviews, being hailed as one of the best Italian and international extreme releases of the year by many reviewers and critics. In 2007 JANVS also partecipates to the BMIA Signum Martis compilation with the unreleased track "Pietas I".

As "Fulgures" was released the next album was already in development. From Fall 2007 to Spring 2008 JANVS mastermind Matteo Barelli worked constantly to take the band to another level again after the big step that "Fulgures" represented. The band entered the studio just before Summer 2008, with Massimo Altomare (Black Flame, Slavia, Glorior Belli) replacing Francesco La Rosa behind the drums.

JANVS' "Vega" will be released in October 2008 by ATMF and it represents another big step forward for the band who managed to realize its most musically and lyrically complex, rich and unpredictable work so far. An eclectic and intense effort which goes beyond any easy definition of musical genre. "Vega" consists of 7 new songs for almost 50 minutes of music and includes important contributions from various guest musicians.

Giving voice to a constant quest, to the fiery longing for a lost point of reference which constantly glimpses through the ever storming sea of the flowing eras, "Vega" lets the potential dispayed by the band in the previous release finally bloom, confirming JANVS as one of the most deep and unique acts in the current independent scene.

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