Bohema - Biography

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The formation, titled Bohema created in 2001 by drummer, Paata Baramidze
The band's often changing staff periodically united on drummer's initiative to make some live performances which basic part consisted of cover versions of compositions of Grind, Death and Black metal famous and legendary bands. Thus, Bohema generally had live concerts and performances but after that band as usual was dismissing.

This tendency of their biography continued until the end of 2005.

Joining to band the new guitarist and vocalist George Gelashvili in 2006 was the beginning of the new age and new level of band's evolution. Now there were two musicians - Paata Baramidze and George Gelashvili permenently united around the band's title Bohema .

These are two musicians with the same points of view, same opinions about style of music that they have to play and to show us. So they have been BOHEMA's permanent members from 2006 and only after their consolidation the project that we could mention just as some formation become full fledged band.

After about a year in 2007 new bassist George Zautashvili joined Bohema . And after that Bohema makeup was finally completed.
After two years of very hard and concentrated work in 2008 the band has finally released their long-expected first full-length album that was entitled Eternal Slaves.
On the basis of extreme rhythms, brutal and hard Asian riffs BOHEMA worked out its conception and ideology, which has finally represented on their lyrics.

First part of their lyrics is based on ancient Sumerian mythology. That was the private initiative of Bohema 'spiritual confessor' Ernest Ronchek (aka DemarieL). Another and more extensive part of lyrics consists of philosophical sense sphere.

Unfortunately after first release band did not have opportunity to make any foreign tours in order to represent that album. And as result the album was only typed and distributed in Moscow and in some eastern European countries by Metal Renaissance Studio.

But Bohema have not stopped with releasing only one album and year 2010 was inaugurated by birth of the second full-length album ENDLESS GREATNESS. This album differs from previous one by incredible guitar technique and unexpected changing of mainstream style by including of elements from progressive metal. So as result ENDLESS GREATNESS was positively marked by the most of Russian and European metal censors. This time in early 2011 Bohema joined some European bands on tour to Germany and represented last and previous albums on that tour.
Now the band is working on their third album that is expected to be released in early 2012 in order to have time to make a worldwide tour before the END OF TIMES which as expected will be in December 20 2012