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The formation, titled BOHEMA created in 2001 by drummer, Paata Baramidze (aka BONEM). The band's often changing staff periodically united on drummer's initiative to prepare live performances, which basic part consisted of cover versions of compositions of GRIND, DEATH and BLACK metal famous and legendary bands. So band usually had live concerts and performances, but after that band as usual was dismissing. This tendency on their biography continued until 2005. Coming in band new guitarist and vocalist George Gelashvili in 2006 begins the new age and new level of band's evolution. Now there are two musicians - Paata Baramidze and George Gelashvili, united around the band's title BOHEMA. These are two musicians with same appearances, same opinions about kind of music, they have to play and show us. These guys are BOHEMA's permanent members from 2006. After year of hard work and repetitions new bassist George Zautashvili have joined them, he is Georgian DEATH METAL band ANGEL OF DISEASE bassist. And after that BOHEMA's staffing was finally completed. On the soil of extreme rhythms, brutal and hard Asian riffs BOHEMA worked out its conception and ideology, which has finally represented on their lyrics. First part of there lyrics narrates us about ancient mythology of Shumer government. That was on initiative of BOHEMA's 'spiritual confessor' Ernest Khabaian (aka DemarieL). Another and more extensive part of lyrics consists of philosophical sense sphere.

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