Raventale - Biography




Raventale was created in 2005. Its demo record, In The Kingdom Of Forgotten Forest, got to the label Backfire Productions, and thus the project got a chance to release its debut album. It saw the world in 2006 under the title On The Crystal Swings. The album tells a story of a dark autumn forest. It renders the feeling of staying in the forgotten wilderness.

The debut release was followed by the recording of new songs; the second album came out under the title Long Passed Days in autumn of 2008. This album touches upon the topics of depression, loneliness, and despair. Since this release, the project has continued with Solitude Productions.

The year 2009 brought the third album, Mortal Aspirations. This album is a distinctive piece of symphonic patterns and arrangements. It covers mostly ideas of self-knowledge and perishable aspirations.

After, the fourth album, was released in winter of 2010. This release is something of a continuation of the previous one, and shows its logical conclusion. The fifth album, Bringer Of Heartsore, was released in autumn of 2011. Its songs are great mixtures of numerous hues, moods, and ideas, a kind of kaleidoscope of colors, which mix into the grey canvas of melancholy. The verses of Alexander Blok are used as lyrics for the album. Autumn of 2012 was marked by the release of the sixth Raventale album, Transcendence, as on the eve of the sixth sun epoch. The main aim of the album is to tell of contemplation of transcendental and transcendent forms of existence and transformation of one's own self over the background of the conventions and immanent degradation of the modern civilization.