Doomas - Biography

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The start of DOOMAS was a bit complicated. The first member Peter „DOOMAS" Betko asked 3 guys from band called Anima to play with him in some project only for fun. The main project should stay Anima. But over time the band was making a lot of songs and Doomas started to form a stability formation. In the begining, there was a problem with guitar player and he was replaced by new and actual guitarist. So the formation is Peter Betko (bass), Peter Kocian(guitar), Matúš Šurka(guitar) and the last member Denis Tencer (drums). Every member in the band was influenced by different kind of music, so maybe that is the main help for maikng the songs. After 3 months the band released first demo album called „Lost Angels" with 3 song. There were a good reactions from the people, so the band continued in writing songs. During this work we had a lot of concerts in a another cities. In the Summer the band got a invitation to play on festival called AFOD (Apocalyptic form of death) in Czech Republic. The show was very cool and people were happy. In the autumn in 2007, after a unbelievable nubmer of concerts (53), we decided to make our first album from chosen songs. So from that time was the band working on the 7 songs to make them beter and beter. We decided the name of album. It..s called SEVEN SINS. During the work the band left the studio for the tour in Romania with another slovak band called. And now, we are still working on new songs.