Life Of Agony - Biography


LIFE OF AGONY, a name not easily forgotten. There was always something unique and interesting about this band that has kept fans enthralled for over a decade. Whether it was the intensity of their live performances or the haunting melodies & lyrical content, this group radiated a passion and emotion that struck a chord in the hearts of misunderstood youth all over the world. Perhaps, it was the underlying message of strength, hidden within the group's tales of despair that made such an impact on people. For most listeners, understanding that the songs came from a genuine place, based on actual experiences made the message really hit home, that they were not alone.

New York's crossover legends LIFE OF AGONY spawned in the summer of 1989, tearing through the underground scene with an undeterred aggression, obtaining a loyal and devoted cult audience in the process. The outfit caught Roadrunner Record's eye and the band quickly signed to the independent label. The band recruited longtime friend and producer Josh Silver (of the platinum-selling goth/metal act Type O Negative) to guide them, creating the now classic, debut album, 1993's "River Runs Red." The band toured relentlessly for years building a die-hard fanbase. With each following record, 1995's "Ugly" and 1997's "Soul Searching Sun" the group seemed to morph and evolve, using different approaches and textures while never losing sight of the distinct elements that made them who they were. LOA toured with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down and Incubus with great success in support of their 3 studio efforts.

The LOA band members had been good friends since early childhood, and remained as closely knit as a family. Like all families do, they shared internal problems and conflicts from time to time. Unfortunately, the group ended up imploding over a series of decisions involving member changes, personal issues and differences in musical direction. Original drummer Sal Abruscato exited in 1995 and lead vocalist Keith Caputo left the group in 1997. Remaining members, guitarist Joey Z and bassist Alan Robert, struggled to rekindle the fire that once drove the group by collaborating with new players, but finally decided to call it quits in 1999.

For just two nights, January 3rd and 4th of 2003, the magic happened again. LOA announced a one-time only reunion show, with all four original members together again on stage for the first time since 1995. After the first date sold out in under 20 minutes, a second show was announced to ensure that more fans would get a chance to witness the historic occasion. Ask bassist Alan Robert his thoughts on the reunion and he will tell you, "After all we've been through together, it's apparent that we have a rare and special chemistry that cannot be duplicated." Guitarist Joey Z states, "We always did what we did because we are fans of the music first." LIFE OF AGONY was a cornerstone of the New York heavy music scene, respected by peers and fans alike. The group cites collective influences as diverse as Radiohead, Metallica, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath. While you can hear those various influences in LIFE OF AGONY, you can hear touches of LOA in some of today's more popular bands.

January 3rd & 4th 2003, not only marked a turning point for this influential band, but their reunion shows opened the door to a whole new chapter in the LOA saga. LIFE OF AGONY, who have long been considered, as gone but not forgotten, are back as a force to be reckoned with. The future of the group is bright, as the band members are very excited to be touring and writing together again. The problems that the band experienced which lead to their demise seem to be rectified. LOA toured all throughout 2003 in support of their SPV Records double-live album/DVD release "River Runs Again: Live 2003," and in late 2004 recorded their first studio album in 8 years, entitled "BROKEN VALLEY."

<i>Note: Taken from the official website</i>