Avathar - Biography

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Avathar saw birth as a 2-man project of Witch king and Scatha. The young and enthusiastic combo began recording material inspired by Tolkien right after the millenium. They did a few brutal demos that were in fact released through Lifeless Productions in the U.S as c-cassettes. These recordings do not have much in common with the Avathar sound of today but the unique, epic and raw sound is something that has remained, and will remain in the future.

Eventually Witch King was eager to try and make avathar a live unit, a band. Through various line-up changes and whatnot, Avathar found it's current, most hearty form in the year 2009. What has happened in between of the early days of Witch King Scatha and the 7-man(and woman) formation of Avathar today is a fine pile of various types of demos, small and larger gigs and a lot of work, and the band keeps going strong, stronger than ever. Although much has changed and happened through the years, Avathar still portraits the same musical vision that spawned it in the first place, keeping the flame alive.