Deeds Of Flesh - Biography




Deeds of Flesh was formed back in mid 1993 by Jacoby Kingston, Erik Lindmark and Joey Heaslet. Before Deeds of Flesh, we were all in different bands and all felt that we were being held back and knew what we could create together, so we formed Deeds of Flesh. Our goal at the time was to push the envelope , so to speak, in the current scene with a more technical, intense style of song writing.

After taking 3 months to write the first CD entitled "Gradually Melted", we released it through various labels. It took off explosively in the underground, gaining worldwide recognition extremely fast. Touring included: U.S. supporting Broken Hope/Malevolent Creation/Oppressor and Monstrosity.

In late 95′, after various offers, we signed with Repulse Records for a 2 CD deal. We released our first full length CD entitled "Trading Pieces" in 96′, not much touring for this cd was done due to Joey having to leave the band temporarily because of schooling opportunities but the cd took off anyway. Touring included: supporting Incantation in Europe, Fuck the Commerce 1 festival, headlining U.S. tour supported by Vile/Devourement(TX only).

Our second Repulse Records release "Inbreeding the Anthropophagi" was released in 1998 and featured Joeys replacement Brad Palmer. The release was over the top technically and included guest vocals from Matti Way of Disgorge. Touring included: Deeds of Flesh/Dying Fetus U.S. and Canadian tour, Milwaukee Metalfest 1998, Ohio Deathfest 1999.

Also in 98′ we re-released a new remastered version of "Gradually Melted" with all new artwork. Touring during this time period was also limited due to Brad having to leave the band.

In 1999, Deeds picked up guitarist Jim Tkacz and got original Drummer Joey Heaslet back in the band long enough to record "Path of the Weakening", which was written from beginning to end and recorded all in 2 1/2 months time. This was the debut release for the band's own record label - Unique Leader Records - on which, all following Deeds of Flesh CDs would be released. We brought a darker element to our songwriting with this release, which has stuck with us ever since, although still keeping the original Deeds of Flesh intensity.

Soon after, Mike Hamilton also joined Deeds to take on the task of drumming for the band full time. Jimmy T, after recording Path and joining us for a headlining Brazilian tour, left the band to take care of personal family matters. Jared Deaver, formerly of Impaled/Psypheria, was hired to replace him. Touring included: Bloodletting N. America 1- headlining U.S. and Canada with Cephalic Carnage/Disgorge/Mortal Decay, headlining tour in Brazil, Death Across America(U.S.):Vader/Dying Fetus/Deeds of Flesh/Cephalic Carnage, Milwaukee Metalfest 2002. Jared had one too many obligations back home and had to leave the band.

In 2001, Deeds of Flesh then released "Mark of the Legion", once again as a three piece. Aaron Gustofson joined soon after on guitar to help with 2 tours. Touring included: Bloodletting N. America 2-Monstrosity/Deeds of Flesh/Pyaemia, Gutting Europe 2-Deeds of Flesh/Disgorge/ Pyaemia, Fuck the Commerce 4 festival, U.S. tour with-Cannibal Corpse/Malevolent Creation/Hate Eternal/Macabre/Deeds of Flesh/Cephalic Carnage, New England Metal and Hardcore Festival.

In 2003, Deeds of Flesh releases "Reduced to Ashes", our 5th full-length release. Touring Included: Europe-Hate Eternal/Dying Fetus/Deeds of Flesh/Prejudice, New Zealand/Australia headlining with Psycroptic, Canada headlining with Mortal Decay. The DVD "Live in Montreal" was also released at this time and featured a video for "Crown of Souls" the upcoming CD and a full live set from the headlining Canadian tour.

In December of 2004, Deeds recorded "Crown of Souls" for a 2005 release - their 6th full-length album. This was the first release to feature the artwork of the famous Raymond Swanland. Before touring for "Crown of Souls", Deeds picked up lead guitarist Sean Southern. Touring included: Gutting Europe 5-Monstrosity/Deeds of Flesh/Impaled/Vile, Bloodletting N. America 5-Deeds of Flesh/Vile/Decrepit Birth/Odious Mortem.

In Early 2007, Jacoby retired from the band and was replaced by Erlend Caspersen from Norway. With the new line up the band decided to add more elements of over writing from the 2nd guitar and bass rather then writing as a 3 piece as in the past. The band also took a different vocal and lyrical approach. The previous Deeds of Flesh CDs all lyrically dealt with the darker sides of the human condition, and tragedy ranging from many different subject matters. Now we are basing content on the future of human existence, concentrating on a new concept of mankind's place in the universe and the challenges faced.

This brings us to the 2008 release "Of What's to Come" which brought many new elements to the band, especially on the guitars including more lead work and over writing. The Vocals were also approached in a more aggressive direction.

Now in 2013, the band is set to release its 9th studio release, "Portals to Canaan", which features 2 new members: Craig Peters (lead guitar) & Ivan Munguia (bass), continuing the over the top musical structures and adding new chapters to the band's ever-evolving lyrical concepts.