Titans Eve - Biography

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Fed up with failed projects and dealing with the drama of musical differences, brothers Brian (guitar/vocals) and Kyle Gamblin (guitar/backup vocals) decided to start their own musical project in 2008 - Titans Eve. The lineup was completed with the recruitment of Jesse Hord (bass) and Casey Ory (drums), and the Vancouver-based band set out to create honest, powerful modern metal.

Deciding to base the sound and feel of their upcoming debut album, The Divine Equal, on themes from the famous 17th century poem Paradise Lost and The Book of Genesis, the Gamblin brothers strove to extend these themes and relate them to life's everyday struggles. All while staying true to their personal interpretations of metal.

"We find that most metal bands are trying to follow musical trends and ride the coattails of whatever is popular at the time," says Brian Gamblin. "We only write music that we want to hear. When we're writing, we're only focused on the feel of the riff and how powerful and epic we can make it feel."

While working on The Divine Equal, which will be officially released on February 1, 2011, Titans Eve repeatedly piled into the "Titan Train" (i.e. their 2007 Ford E-350 van) and traveled across Canada, bringing their music to as great an audience as possible. They've played over 80 shows in the past year and a half and 2011 will see them travel further than ever before as they tour the States and Europe.