Crimson Wind - Biography


Crimson Wind was formed in Palermo in December 2008 when drummer Claudio Florio (Trinakrius, Holy Knights) and bassist Niki Zummo decide to create a band with strong influences in power metal. The founders of the band were then joined by Alessio Taormina and Emanuele "Izzy" Bonura. Their first release, The Wings of Salvation, was published in the the first few months of 2011 through IceWarrior Records for Europe and Rubicon Music for the Japanese market, where it received positive reviews from the general public. After a series of live performances in Italy and abroad, Crimson Wind prepared to record their second album, and having many ideas, the creative minds of Emanuele and Diego began writing the music and lyrics for the new album. Just as the band was about to write the vocals, they received sudden bad news: frontman Alessio Taormina announced he had to leave the band and move to London due to his work. The band spent the whole of 2012 in search of a new singer to replace Alessio.

It proved to be no easy task, as all the singers that audition failed to reach the high notes of the previous frontman and even after a period of testing with one of the last singers, they realised he was unable to fill the shoes as frontman of the band. As the band neared the point of abondoning the project, thanks to a friend, they were put in contact with a singer who had only been in the city for a short while and was unknown to anyone in Palermo: Guido Marcaione. His audition left everyone in Crimson Wind with high hopes. After two weeks, the band met with Guido tried three songs from their first album and a cover of Helloween's "I Want Out". This session left the band in no doubt, as the singer demonstrated the vocal range and technical capacity of the genre to create and record the new album Last Poetry Line.