Saurom - Biography



San Fernando, Andalucía based SAUROM LAMDERTH, a fantasy infused Folk Metal band heavily reliant on Tolkien themes, debuted in 2001 with the album 'El Guardián De Las Melodías Perdidas'. The group had been created during 1996 and first entered the studio to craft the 1999 demo session 'Legado De Juglares', this set scoring a contract with Red Dragon Records for their full-length debut.

The 'Sombras Del Este' set followed through Red Dragon Records in 2002. SAUROM LAMDERTH formed up the 'Profana Rock' festivals across Spain in December 2005 alongside LUJURIA, SILVER FIST, LOS SUAVES, TIERRA SANTA, OBUS, HAMLET, MALAS NOTICIAS, BOIKET and BARRICADA. Singer Narciso Lara Márquez guested on the 2005 MOONLIGHT FEAR album 'Géminis'.

In January 2006 the band announced it was to truncate its title to simply SAUROM for the album 'Juglar Metal', recorded at Estudios La Factoría in Cadiz. At this same juncture violinist Sophia Quarenghi (a.k.a. 'Madame Violina') exited, being replaced by Santi Carrasco on keyboards.

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