Silent Civilian - Biography

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Jonny Santos, who is best known as the vocalist and song writer for the Grammy Award nominated industrial metal group Spineshank was displeased with the direction the band was going in and felt it had 'run its course'. Santos felt it was time to move on and left Spineshank, although he was unsure what direction he wanted with his music career. He would play with local bands and friends, while performing production and engineering duties in studios to 'pay the bills'. However, after leaving Spineshank, Santos lost everything and was basically homeless, 'couch surfing' from friend's house to friend's house.

Realizing he wanted to start a band from scratch, Santos placed an ad for a drummer on the social networking website MySpace. After receiving a large number of e-mails, Santos received an e-mail from Chris Mora with a video of him drumming. Santos thought "You can't be for real, dude" and asked Mora to come down for the first audition. 10 minutes into the audition Mora was hired as the drummer. Santos auditioned for an Australian band that moved to America called Cryogenic. Although he thought the band was not for him, he met the band's bassist Henno. As Cryogenic and Mudrock, who were working together, had both lost their vocalists, Henno contacted Santos and asked him to join the band, to which Santos accepted. Ryan Ready, who Santos had known since high-school, was recruited as the second guitarist. The band's original name was announced as Silent Civilians, which originates from the world's climate change by that people have opinions on life and politics and they do not voice their beliefs, living in a nation full of 'silent civilians'.