Fluxious - Biography

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At the beginning of year 2009, Fluxious came alive ! From Jazz to Metal, they compose their musical universe with a fresh new approach, by mixing sweet melodious voice above heavy-groovy riffs, making a kind of constant call between rage and passion. In perpetual movement Fluxious is a derivate spelling of fluxon which refers to particles similar to mesons in their manifestation. They form flux and flow in the direction of flux. So, imagines 4 forces unified for the flow of music without any limits or barriers!

In may 2009 they released a first 4 tracks EP " Fluxious " under their own label : GA-GA Production, masterised by Glenn Miller at Greenwood Studios( Switzerland).

They currently finishing their new album : "Why So Serious?<", produced by GA-GA Production mixed @ PNPStudio (Nyon, CH) and mastered @ Abbey Road Studios (GB)and available in March of 2011, released by M&O Music, Mosaic, Code7 and Believe Digital.