Chained And Desperate - Biography

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Formed in early 1990 Chained And Desperate quickly evolved into something more than "just another extreme band". From the monolithic doom/death metal of their first demo in 1994 ("Grieving For The Lost Sun") to 1996's black/pagan "Oracles From The Neitherworld" and the dark, lyrical black metal first full-length "Eleven Angles In A Circle" (1999), the band soon established its own unique personal style, which, unavoidably, is often compared with their fellow countrymen Rotting Christ as well as others such as Dissection, Enslaved and Primordial. No mistake should be made however; Chained And Desperate's style is as original as it can get with the band members' influences ranging from Bathory and Death to Candlemass, Manilla Road and Manowar.

Following a period of intensive writing and rehearsing, in 2009 Chained And Desperate entered the Music House Studios in Athens, with producer Stathis Pavlantis and in late 2010 with the recordings and overall production completed, "Divine Authority Abolishment", the band's sophomore release was ready.