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Purtenance - Biography






PURTENANCE is a Finnish band was born in Nokia, under the initial name of PURTENANCE AVULSION in 1990 , the name under which they recorded their first demo that same year and to be entitled the same name as the band, nothing more edit the demo decided to shorten its PURTENANCE name and the following year (1991) recorded a demo that would become a 7 "EP for drowned prod.

Propierty of Dave Rotten, AVULSED singer, came already following in his footsteps since they released their demo they saw debut. The album saw the light in September of that year "Crown Waits The Immortal" in a limited edition of 500 copies. DAVE happy with the group made the offer to them also get their first full length, which the group accepts no doubt pleased as he had sold his EP due not only to the promotion that was done but also because of the quality of group and dark compositions.

Now the band ready to be possibly the largest group (and possibly less valued in his time!) Enter the studios to record and mix MDM far as today is one of the greatest albums of worship of the first 90 in the field of death metal "Member Of Immortal Damnation" almost perfect as an album, heavy items and part time, with forays into fast times extremely brutal for that time, a cover by the great genius of the pencil and oil Christopher Moyen(NOMINON, Incantation, etc ...) dark and blasphemous as few rarely been seen with a promising future and a couple of good jobs to cut through the wave of groups of that time, the band decide to separate, due to musical differences (including his guitarist Toni Honcala determined to devote more attention to his band parallel cough). Thus at the end of this year the sad news reaches friends and few (but loyal) followers of the band that would leave a gap in the Finnish scene and Europe. As a tribute to those who could not follow or know in your day the band into an agreement with Dark Symphonies for a limited edition (300 copies) vinyl all materials published by the gang, hoping that this year 2001 Dave Rotten with a move back to its current eminent record label for editing CD of all the same material, there is much more to add except that if now is a cult band for what they did, how far would come if they had not separated!?