Khoma - Biography

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Khoma was born in Umeå 2003, melding the aggression of the long established local hardcore scene and the burgeoning more diverse and emotive pop scene. The band - consisting of several members from Cult Of Luna, pg.lost, The Perishers, Deportees, Totalt Jävla Mörker and more - quickly became a breathing space where the different styles could fuse. The band's debut album, Tsunami (2004), immediately caused a lot of attention and quickly sold out. A year later, Khoma signed with Roadrunner Records (Machine Head, Opeth, Slipknot etc.) and recorded The Second Wave (2006), a harsh, emotional, and intense mixture of sweeping melodies and roaring guitars. In Europe, critics hailed the newcomers and in their home country, Sweden, reviewers collectively voted it "Best Album Of 2006".

After a few intense and intimate concerts and festivals in 2006/2007, Khoma disappeared. The webpage shut down, no new messages were posted on the internet and no concerts were held. Almost three years of silence followed, and followers began thinking Khoma has split up without any notice.

In 2009, Khoma decided it was time to surface, and also regroup. The experience with international labels, agents and managements had convinced the members to move their entire setup closer, back to Sweden. Khoma signed with Anders Fridéns (In Flames) Selective Notes, making the bands third album A Final Storm the first release on the new label. A Final Storm was given phenomenal reviews and amazing press. In 2010, Khoma was nominated for the Swedish Grammy award, The Manifest award and won the Swedish national radio award for best rock (P3 Guld). The following year Khoma was featured in David Fincher's movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Winter 2011/12, Khoma worked on finalizing their latest offering, All Erodes. The album is a collection of songs written between 2002 and 2012 that, for different reasons, didn't make it to the previous albums.