Cloak Of Altering - Biography


Mories, the Dutch mastermind of critically acclaimed musical abominations Gnaw Their Tongues and Aderlating, announces Cloak Of Altering; a new musical path worshipping at the altar of early Emperor, Arcturus and Dødheimsgard.

Musically, the new album The Night Comes Illuminated With Death combines experimentations with early symphonic black metal and industrial/electronic music to devastating effect.

A more powerful, refined production makes sure the listener can immerse them self in a whirlwind of blastbeats and tremolo picked riffs awash in a sea of synth/orchestration, violated by dark industrial/electronic sounds, while being surprisingly melodic at times but still keeps the pure darkness of his other projects.

Cloak of Altering's second full length, Ancient Paths Through Timeless Voids, was released on October 30, 2012 via Human Jigsaw Records.