Enthring - Biography




The first heartbeats of the year 2006: Tommi & Petteri began to forge the very foundations of Enthring. The backbone of the song called "Maelstrom" was created overnight but as one can imagine it was not the same song you can hear today. Without any musical knowledge the beginning was rough and success was achieved through trial and error.

As time went on, it became vital to find a name for the band. There were many different propositions like Herian, Archaic Ruins and Enthring. None of them were chosen. Composing continued and, with increasing skill, songs like "Wolf and the Wintercold", "Realm of the Forsaken", "Caverns" and "Seen through Ice" were written. The year 2006 had already died and it was time to find other band members so we could put our creations to practice. It was not an easy task. First we found a keyboard player, Ida Ylhäinen, and a bassist, Erkka Huuhtanen. But as time passed, Erkka dropped out and also without a drummer rehearsing became everyone's individual task.

And they became Enthring. After all that time, we chose a name that was among the original propositions. We had a couple of drummers (Lauri Soiha and Roope Mustonen) for short periods of time but things did not take off as we had hoped - until we found Mika Lumijärvi at the end of 2008. With his experience, skill and enthusiasm we took a long leap in a short time. The progress was fast and with him we learned a great deal. At the same time we had also added another keyboardist to our ranks, Thomas Häggblom. Unfortunately after a short period Thomas decided not to continue working with us and so we were back to having two guitarists, a drummer, a keyboardist and no singer nor bassist. Although there were several candidates to become our singer, we felt that none of them was the right one for us.

The first half of the year 2009: We had started to plan our first release, Maelstrom. Originally it was only intended as a demo with two or three songs but in the end it expanded into an EP with five songs. At the same time we received our much needed reinforcement for the bass. Now that Juho Karila had joined our ranks we could truly begin rehearsing for the upcoming recordings.

The second half of the year 2009: Having confirmed that JP Löfberg would be the man doing the work behind the computer, we started recording the EP. At the end of summer Mika first played all the drum tracks and Juho the basses. Due to some unfortunate health issues we had to record some of the guitar tracks with Toni Engblom. After JP got himself back on track it was time to record the rest of the guitars and Ida played the synthesiser parts. Still without a singer, we decided it was best that Petteri do the growling vocals and Pietari Mikkonen was hired for the clear parts. With the assistance of Henri Vuorenmaa we recorded the vocals during winter, slowed down by flu and other wicked creations.

Finally in the spring of 2010 we got everything ready for JP to mix and master the EP. The whole process of recording and everything related to it was very exciting for all of us. After all, this was the first recording of our own material. Soon after that, Tiariia Tamminen joined us as another keyboardist and Tommi took up growling, as well.

After a long time playing with us, the paths of Enthring and Ida separated. It was a difficult decision which, now that time has passed, has proven to be the right one. And even more changes were headed our way: due to disagreements Juho stepped out of our group. Luckily enough, we got Teemu Tamminen to play bass so we were able to take part in our first concert. It was at Toimintakeskus Happi in Helsinki, and luckily for us, we got it all on film.

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