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Darzamat - Biography






Darzamat comes into being in winter 1995 as the initiative of Flauros and Simon - the two members of the black metal band - Mastiphal. The band owes its name to the Slavonic mythology in which Darzamat is a protective deity guarding gardens and forests. The very vision ideally composes with the dark, majestic spirit present in the musician's compositions.


The debut album "In The Flames Of Black Art", released in 1996 by Faithless Production, constitutes a certain novelty in that time, due to the fact that it's the combination of black metal and the complex orchestral sequences. Shortly before the album's recording session, the band is joined by Kate. Owing to her, the very aggressive material is to some extent soothed and unquestionably enriched with the note of melancholy and sensuality.
The first record is marked as a very good by both : the listeners and the musical press. Originality, innovation, exceptionality - these are the words that appear in many reviews. Despite a few proposals of signing the contract overseas, Flauros and Simon decide to release another record under the aegis of the native Faithless Records.


In summer, 1997, the former Dragon's drummer - Bomba and guitar player - Daamr are recruited to supplement the ranks of the band. In the same year musicians enter the studio in order to register the next material - -In The Opium Of Black Veil -. The album is the continuation of the direction taken on the first record. And this time, too, the opinions of the critics are positive. The band is gaining power.( in 2002 both these albums will be reedited thanks to Metal Mind Productions )


After having signed the contract with Avantgarde Music (1999), Darzamat stops its studio activity for a couple of years. The main reason of such a long break is the founding of Post Street Studio, the owner of which is Simon. There is in that studio that in 2003 the third material -Oniriad- is recorded. The work on the recording is, however, accompanied with a pretty bad atmosphere as well as personal rotations ( Daamr leaves the band, his place is taken by the young guitar player - Chris ). The new drummer - Paul - appears. Shortly after the album's recording, Kate leaves the country. It is, however, not all. "Oniriad" becomes a bone of contention between the founders of the band. The third record is a far-moved musical experiment and a product of a few musical styles. It is not the effect Flauros expects. Too many compromises he allows for during the recording session apear to be too much. The growing tensions between the musicians explode. It is the time when the roads of Simon and Flauros must split up. The first one focuses on the work in his studio, the second undertakes to create the band anew.
The very same year Flauros assembles the new lineup. Daamr comes back and together with Chris they start composing the new material. In order to 'say good bye' to the 'beauty and the beast' vocal convention, without depriving the band of the female vocal at the same time, Nera - the vocalist of remarkable timbre of voice- joins the band. Golem is the one who sits behind the drums, additionally, the former midi programs are replaced with the keybord instrument under Spectre's 'command'.


In 2004, with the record entitled "Semidevilish" (Metal Mind Productions), Darzamat begins its new history. The 'fresh' material skilfuly joins black and death metal with the dark atmosphere characteristic of the band. Good reviews of "Semidevilish" appear very soon. The positive attitude to the record results in multitudinous invitations to the concerts. During the short period of time the band is able to present itself on the large numbers of festivals :" Moscow After Midnight", "Brutal Assault" ( with Canibal Corpse and Impaled Nazarene ), "Metal Head Mission" ( with Pungent Stench ), "Metalmania" ( with Cradle of Filth, Apocalyptica, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Katatonia, Pain and Amon Amarth ), "Wave Gothic Treffen ( with Tiamat, Atrocity, Darkwell and Mortiss ), "Hard Rock Laager" ( with Katatonia and Lord Belial ) or "S-Hammer Festival" ( with Entombed and Vomitory ). Musicians also participate in the part of Polish tour "Dark Stars Festival" as well as in the concerts promoting "Semidevilish" in Germany, Russia and Ukraine. The album appears also on the licence in Russia ( CD Maximum ) and Mexico ( Gravis Records ). Furthermore Darzamat appears on the cover of the biggest Mexican rock-metal magazine "Barahunda". There's the videoclip made to the piece entitled "In Red Iris", the emission of which takes place in several music stations, also beyond the borders of Poland. Another videoclip that occurs on the record as a bonus, is made to the piece "Era Aggression". It is filmed during the festival in Czech Republic. After the recording of the album, there is a change of a bass player - Daamr's place is taken by Bacchus.


A huge musical leap forward is for the band the fifth album in Darzamat's body of work entitled "Transkarpatia". In autumn, 2005 the band decides to enter the "Maq" studio. There the traces of all the instruments and vocals are laid. Yet, the real revelation occurs to be the choice of the album's producer. It is Andy La Rocque himself - the cult band's "King Diamond" guitar player. Darzamat is one of a small number of Polish bands that decides to produce the album beyond the borders of Poland. It is owing to this fact that the record sounds truly impressive. The album is the stylistic continuation started on "Semidevilish". Eleven premiere compositions included on "Transkarpatia" astonish and surprize with the remarkable arrangements full of emotions and dark passions. Thanks to the work in the Swedish "Los Angered Recording", the new album gains a kind of surprizing selectivity as well as the power of sound of each and every instrument.
The record appears at the beginning of December, 2005 thanks to Metal Mind Productions.


The first months of the year 2006 bring along the excellent reviews of the latest album. "Transkarpatia" collects good opinions coming not only from Poland but from the whole world as well. There are the high notes that appear in many excellent music related magazines, among others in German Heavy, Legacy, Rock Hard, French Metallian, Belgian Rock Tribune, Norwegian Scream or Swedish Sweden Rock. Polish Metal Hammer places the album in the category "The Album of The Month".
"Transkarpatia" is also released in Russia (CD Maximum), Mexico (Divenia Records) and USA (MVD).
Thanks to the excellent reviews Darzamat is invited to multitudinous concerts and festivals in the whole Europe as well as to the "X-Mass Festivals" where the band will play, among others, next to such bands as Six Feet Under, Gorefest, Krisiun.
Darkside, who is famous for his cooperation with Cronics, becomes the new drummer of the band.