Denouncement Pyre - Biography




An unholy union is forged between Decaylust (guitars/vocals) & J. Eradicator (drums) which gives birth to a new Blackdeath entity, named Eradicator. Early rehearsals take place as a 2-piece until later in the year when Chris Volcano joins on drums, allowing J. Eradicator to return to guitars. As momentum builds the band moves forward under the name Denouncement Pyre.

The Storm To End All Wars demo is recorded in April. Self-released on CD in May (100 copies) and later by Goatowarex on tape (300 copies). Later in the year Blaspherion joins on bass to complete the line-up and the first live performance takes place in Melbourne. Meanwhile the demo spreads rampantly through the underground, attracting the attention of several labels, zines and maniacs alike.

A second demo titled Barbaric Vengeance is released in the form of a live tape recorded during a performance in February. In April a 7" EP titled Under The Aegis Of Damnation is recorded. Several more live performances throughout the year including Bloodlust Festival in Sydney.

Under The Aegis Of Damnation is released by Apocalyptor Records in May. Being the last release in the Apocalyptor catalogue, the band moves forth and joins forces with Forgotten Wisdom Productions for the release of a mini-album. Recording takes place in April resulting in the release of Hells Infantry mCD in August. The line-up returns to a 3-piece consisting of Decaylust, Eradicator and Volcano.

Early in the year Funeralbitch is summoned on bass to complete the line-up for live shows. Volcano departs in March after a performance at Evil Invaders fest II in Melbourne. By mid-year J. Eradicator also departs to pursue other avenues. A new deal is forged with Forgotten Wisdom Productions for a vinyl release of Hells Infantry. The tracks are remastered and appear in the form of a split LP titled Chaos Rising. Late in the year Preacher Of Doom takes over on drums and work begins on a new 7" EP to be recorded early 2008.

Chaos Rising split LP is unleashed early in the year. Also In January Circle Of The Black Flame 7" EP is recorded in the Incubator Death Chambers and released in September. Work begins on the full-length CD/LP to be titled World Cremation.

InVotan joins the ranks on drums. The Storm To End All Wars demo and Hells Infantry mini-album are re-issued on tape. Most of the year is spent in intense rehearsal for the upcoming album. Recording of the full-length World Cremation commences in October.

Album recording finished in February. A new pact is forged with Hells Headbangers (USA) for the release of the first album in August. There are no live performances planned for the future.

The year of the mighty Dragon and long feared to be the end of the world by man. Not coincidently, Denouncement Pyre will unleash a new full-length, titled Almighty Arcanum as well as emerge from the shadows to return to the stage for the first live performance in half a decade.

The forthcoming album will evolve beyond its predecessor World Cremation (2010), as an exploration of the void, non-being & unbound potential that exists deep within the core of eternal consciousness, the sleeping dragon, the primal serpent, according to draconian tradition. The fallen Daath as a gateway, where the limitless tides of Darkness manifest through Chaos and will, all that is, was and will be, forming the one.