Kaamos - Biography




Formed in 1998 by four persons in order to create Death Metal. Kaamos rehearsed and created 3 songs that ended up on a promo-cassette in the following year. Dauthus released 2 of them on a limited 7 that soon reached a cult/collectors item status. With this effort Kaamos officially entered the scene. The same year came to see bassist/singer Johan's departure from the band and a replacement was found in Karl. The cursed year of 2000 called for blood, sweat and blasphemy when Thomas, the original drummer called it quits. The hunt for a new drummer spewed forth Chris Piss that took charge of the battery.

The writing process manifested in five new songs. And "Curse of Aeons" as the demo came to be called, was recorded during a weekend in studio SubSonic and released in early 2001. This demo spawned several offers from labels and Kaamos finally choose to sign with Candlelight. In November 2001 Kaamos once again entered SubSonic to record the debut album. With the aid of Messiah Marcolin and ten days, nine tracks were put down and released in May 2002. The album, self-titled as tradition holds, was received very well and Kaamos embarked on the swamp that is called the record market. Throughout 2002-03 the band focused on live massacres that took them across the borders and initiated them into several countries in Europe. Alongside this, new material was forged. March 2004 saw the abomination Kaamos entering Berno studio and ten new songs were put on tape. "Lucifer Rising" as the second album is called was released during February 2005 on Candlelight/PHD.

The band called it quits in 2006, but a post-mortem EP, "Scales Of Leviathan" was produced in 2007 on Nuclear Winter Records, with the band's final songs recorded on it. On August 5, 2008, the band played a reunion gig with Unanimated in Stockholm, but further reports of activity have not yet surfaced.

(from: http://www.myspace.com/kaamos666)