Blindead - Biography



Blindead is a Polish band performing metal sludge. Established 1999 in Gdynia , initially performing under the name of Incorrect Personality.The founders of the group were Michael "Winter" Zimorski and Matthew Maurice "Havoc" Śmierzchalski . Musicians also invited to co-brand were "Deadmana" Zielinski, Konrad Ciesielski and Patryk Adamczyk.

Even under the name of Incorrect Personality the first recorded demo album was released in 2000. In 2002 the team, in collaboration Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski registered the next release titled Demo 2, the same year singer Patryk Adamczyk left. Vocalist Lars' Eikindowi, Norwegian member of Si Winds was initially recruited. However, for logistical reasons there was no cooperation among the members. Finally, new vocalist of the group was chosen as Neolithic Patrick "Nick Wolverine" Zwolinski. With the new singer they recorded their third demo 'Dig For Me' in 2003.

In 2004, the co-founder and bassist Michael "Winter" Zimorski left the group and replaced by Raphael "Frost" Brauer of Behemoth fame. In July 2005, in a renovated warehouse in Screw Factory Studio they recorded their first album, 'Devouring Weakness', released on Empire Records in July 2006. Soon after Raphael "Frost" Brauer left the band, who was replaced by Peter "The Animal" Kawalerowski. In November the same year the band performed along with Hermh , Hell-Born and MasseMord in the Torment tour.

In 2007 the band played in Mind Eaters Tour together with NYIA , Antigama and Tehace. On 19 July 2008 the Gdansk concert was held for the premiere of their new album 'Autoscopia / Murder In Phazes'. In August 14, 2008 the band performed at Stodola Club in Warsaw along with Neurosis. In April 2009 they released their first EP titled 'Group Impulse'. The production was carried out in Gdynia studio Sounds. In May the group announced the participation in the tour Blitzkrieg V along with Vader. Scheduled for the autumn of the same year the performance was ultimately not carried out. Musicians Blindead refused to participate in the route because of the change of the initial conditions of the organizer. In October 2010 the group signed a deal with Mystic Production. In November the same year released third studio album entitled formation 'Affliction II MXMVI XXIX'.