Orwell - Biography

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Orwell is a continuously progressing band from the Northern Midwest part of the United States.

Individually, we are scattered across Wisconsin and Minnesota, with members currently living in La Crosse WI, Steven' Point WI, Wausau WI, Milwaukee WI, and St. Paul MN. Collectively, we the band is based in Wausau Wisconsin.

Most recently, we released AVOHFASIH. A 6 track album (or EP, whatever you decide to call it, its 46 minutes long) based around the concept of loss, grieving, and moving forward positively. This marked a significant change in not only our sound, but how we go about creating as a band. We decided to move our music in a direction that was more open to expression, and allowed us to explore things that we had wanted to since the beginning. Our music is a collection of influences ranging from melodic instrumental and atmospherics to black and death metal, and is a true representation of where we are as musicians and artists. AVOH received great reviews from across the web and got us some real estate on some of our favorite websites ( Metalsucks.net, Metalinsider.net, AmericanAftermath.net, etc) which was both exciting, and a great honor for us. Look for us on the road promoting AVOHFASIH in 2012.

Going forward, we plan on releasing an EP in the first half of 2012 which will be an extension of the ideas we brought with AVOH, and most likely, we will begin work on a follow up album.

Aside from that, we are planning shows, tours, and everything else. Please don't be afraid to drop us a line through this website, on Facebook, or wherever and let us know where you are. We want to play for as many of our fans as possible, and of course make new ones!