Pegazus - Biography



Founding members and blood brothers Johnny and Robbie Stoj, who for many years have lived and breathed 'Heavy Metal', officially formed PEGAZUS in the latter part of 1993! Around this specific time, lead vocalist Justin Fleming (20 years old) joined forces with brothers Johnny (26 years old) and Robbie (19 years old) to start turning their dreams into realities.

Not many believed in what the boys were aiming for except themselves. Many critics would say "Classic metal was dead", and that playing traditional classic metal was a bad move and so out dated.

At this particular time, the alternative grunge music scene had become so huge and it really did seem that metal no longer existed, but it was just this sort of attitude that added fuel to the fire. Only to make Johnny, Robbie and Justin persist even stronger in what they've always believed in their hearts to be true, and that was to play classic metal like the many great bands they grew up listening to from the good old days of the 'New Wave of British Heavy Metal' era!